Master M2 QLMN

Revision week: approximation methods in quantum physics

Course on Physics of Quantum Information (Fall 2022, Laurent Sanchez-Palencia and Antoine Browaeys)


Lecture 1 – Introduction. Review of quantum physics: notes, slides.
Homework 1 (due sept. 30th, and not 23rd as written in the file)

Lecture 2 – Two-level systems and harmonic oscillators: notes, slides.

Lecture 3 – Entanglement 1: notes, slides.
Homework 2: Exercises A.1 & A2 from lecture notes (due oct. 7th)

Lecture 4 – Entanglement 2: notes, slides.

Lecture 5 – Measurement in quantum physics: notes, slides.

Lecture 6 – Open Quantum Systems I: notes

Lecture 7 – Open Quantum Systems II: notes, slides

Lecture 8 – Stochastic wave functions: notes, slides

Lecture 9 – Recap of the course (slides) and decoherence (notes)

Exam will be held december 2nd 2022 from 9-12am. You are allowed lecture notes, written notes, homeworks. As an example of exam, look at the 2021 exam, with its correction.