The group, summer 2018. From left to right: Ludovic, Nikola, Antoine, Sylvain, Tom, Thierry, Antoine, Daniel, Yvan, Florence, Pascal, Vicent.

Permanent staff

Browaeys_v3 Antoine Browaeys
CNRS senior researcher (DR2)
Group leader
Room: R0.08
Phone: 33.79
Yvan Sortais Yvan Sortais
Assistant professor (MCF)
In charge of the Nanocloud project
Room: R0.06
Phone: 33.76
Thierry Lahaye Thierry Lahaye
CNRS researcher (CR1)
In charge of the Rydberg project.
Personal webpage
Room: R0.04
Phone: 33.73


DB Dr. Daniel Barredo
Post-doctoral researcher
Rydberg project.
Room R0.04
Phone: 33.72 or 33.89

PhD students

SdL Sylvain de Léséleuc
PhD student (3rd year)
Rydberg project.
Room R0.08
Phone: 33.79 or 33.89
 Eric Eric Magnan
PhD student (3rd year)
New Rydberg project.
Room R1.40
Phone: 33.89
20170322_141709 Vincent Lienhard
PhD student (2nd year)
Rydberg project.
Room R0.04
Phone: 33.73 or 33.89
LB Ludovic Brossard
PhD student (2nd year)
Nanocloud project.
Room R0.06
Phone: 33.76
20160510_103910 Tom Peyrot
PhD student (2nd year)
Ultralow rugosity cell project
Room R1.40
Phone: 33.76

Former members

  • Stephan Jennewein (PhD 2017, now working for Opitz Consulting, Berlin).
  • Henning Labuhn (PhD 2016, now Data Scientist, Shift Technology, Paris).
  • Joseph Pellegrino (PhD 2015, now Data Scientist, Kernix, Paris)
  • Sylvain Ravets (PhD 2014, now CNRS researcher at the C2N, in the team of J. Bloch).
  • Ronan Bourgain (PhD 2014, now Senior Associate, L.E.K. Consulting, Paris).
  • Charles Tuchendler (PhD 2014, now CPGE physics teacher, Lycée Saint-Louis, Paris).
  • Aline Vernier (Post-doc 2011-2013, now Research engineer at LOA, Ensta, Palaiseau)
  • Lucas Béguin (PhD 2013, now post-doc at LKB, Paris, in Jakob Reichel’s group).
  • Charles Evellin (PhD 2011, co-founder of MalinTools).
  • Andreas Fuhrmanek (PhD 2011, now consultant at Altair Managment).
  • Tatiana Wilk (Post-doc 2008-2010, now at MPQ in G. Rempe’s group).