LongRange Workshop 2023


Workshop on “Long-Range Interactions in the Quantum

Miramar Conference Center, San Sebastian (Spain) – 6-8th September 2023

We continue our series of (almost…) yearly meeting on “Long-range interactions in the Quantum”  and organize a new session in september 2023 (see here for the 2022 edition). The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss recent advances on the physics of Rydberg atoms, magnetic atoms, dipolar molecules, light-induced dipoles and dipolar interactions between artificial atoms and to explore new directions.

The meeting will take place at the Miramar Conference Center in San Sebastian (Spain) from tuesday evening 5th of September ending friday 8th september 2023 around noon. We are aiming for a medium size workshop of about 70 participants. This year, the meeting will be a satellite workshop of the San Feliu BEC conference.


Ultracold molecules
Rydberg atoms
Dipolar quantum gases
Light-induced dipoles in atomic gases
Trapped ions
Dipolar interactions between artificial atoms

Invited Speakers and program (in progress)

Waseem Bakr (Princeton)
Luca Barbiero (Politecnico di Torino)
Nigel Cooper (Cambridge, UK)
Tobias Donner (ETHZ)
Ofer Firstenberg (Weizmann Institute Israel)
Markus Greiner (Harvard)
Atac Imamoglu (ETHZ)
Matthew Jones (Durham)
Kang-Kuen Ni (Harvard)
Tilman Pfau (Stuttgart)
Hannes Pichler (Innsbruck)
Sylvain Ravets (CNRS)
Ana-Maria Rey (JILA)
Richard Schmidt (Heidelberg)
Leticia Tarruell (ICFO)
Susan Yelin (Harvard)
Sebastian Will (Columbia, NYC)

On top of the invited speakers, several submissions from the participants will be upgraded as talks.

Tentative program (in preparation)

The skeleton of the program…

Application (Deadline May, 31st 2023)

Application is done via the following link.

Please do note that this is only an application: due to the fact that the workshop can only host 70 participants, we will have to select a list of accepted applicants. The notification of acceptance will be sent by email shortly after the closing of the application website.


Applicants are responsible for their own accommodation. We will provide a list of possible cheap accommodations at the same time as we notify acceptance.
(accommodation is taken care of for the invited speakers only).


Antoine Browaeys (Institut d’Optique, CNRS, France),
Francesca Ferlaino (Univ. Innsbruck), Robert Loew (Univ. Stuttgart)
Administrative Support from Silvia Bonazza.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our sponsors.